Our Story
The Team at New Element Software has over Thirty Years of Leadership Experience in the field of converting information into business growth.
The Success of Our Company is built on the knowledge that the entire arena of Data Collection in the Dental Field has transformed. Only the most efficient, effective forward thinking of individuals will continue to thrive in the years ahead.

The Basic Philosophical Core to all our Product Development is that...


Regardless if that time is spent in Analysis, Human Resources, Information Collection and Storage, or Long Term Planning...we will help you do it better.

We started our Company around one basic question:

How can we provide the most Efficient, Lowest Cost Operational Tools on the Market Today?

In answering that question we have built a business model that has developed Effective, Simplified, and Sustainable Products that serve todays Dental Consulting Professional.

We invite you to review our newest Data Extraction Utility Product with the knowledge that you are looking at the "Most Effective, Easiest to Install Utility Ever Developed!"
New Element Software
Built on the values of...Honesty, Simplicity, Respect & Service.