Data Extraction Utility
What we have affordably developed is...
"The Simplest Most Effective Information Gathering Tool On The market Today"
Our Dental Industry spends too much money on the time it takes to gather information.
New Element Software was built on the core belief that through automated customized report generation the Dental Consultant can be of greater value to a Dental Practice by demonstrating the most effective ways to increase production, reduce overheads, lower stress levels and provide long term visioning.
Our New Data Extraction Utility is the Foundational Component to Your Success...
Customized for you
New Element Software has one priority...
Serve the Dental Consultant with Simple, Affordable & Effective Consulting Tools
We gather Data...How You Need It...Where You Need It...with the most efficient tools on the market today...Easily Customized to Fit Your Special Needs.
New Element Software can help you save your Clients time and money. Our Expertise in automated specialized reporting allows you to Improve Client Operations through reducing human resource costs, overhead costs, data collection and analysis time.
Contact Us Today and Let Us Help You Meet Your Specific Needs. No one in the Industry does it better, quicker or more affordably. Add a New Element to Your Consulting!